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getting back on track ( Davids a big help ^_^ ) and besides... why am i going to throw away my relationship with David over sum pretty boy... n e who enuff of that shytes umz yeh brett called me this morning... i felt srry for the guy ... he had to stay at kashkas last night and sleep outside until the like 10 wen the mall opened cuz hes only here to visit and he had no place to stay... he should have called me last nyte... i would have been happy to let him stay in my extra room n e who yeh me and him are gunna meet up at the mall and then hopefully we'll get lucky and my cuzin honey will be werking... (at the new AMC) and we could get in for free then we're gunna go hang with the juggalos and play sum DDR then we might go out and see my cuzin margarita and she could hook us up again and we could go to the beach house again... n e wayz yeh ill update more later... gotta do a lil posting in go-gaia.com lol im trying to buy sum emo glasses and a jewel
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