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Hello... rilly mellow fer the past few days and i feel enlightened... Went to work on saturday at like 10am Paul springstead was there and as usual he gave his say on all the drama in madrigals tenor group and i simply smiled at him and knodded because i felt that there wasn't rilly n e drama just a lack of authority therefore having a chaotic ensemble of tenors trying to figure out how to be one with the choir... n e who yeh work ended at like 4:30 and i got a ride home from my kuzoz we stopped by katrinas house and gave my reguards to her after all we both are twins being born on the same day and all... n e who after that i had a drink wid Puma and Chinq haven't rilly seen Puma in so long considering he was in TDH for larceny and posession of pot and alchohol hes rilly sweet he gave me this long as kiss he tasted like vanilla heh it wasn't rilly one of those passionate kisses you'd give to your boifriend or girlfriend or whoever your significant other would be but it was more of a i rilly missed you kiss chinq joined in and then passed me one of his holiday suckers then we headed up to the mall up to the upstairs parking lot and we spat ( past tense of spit? ) on ongoing security vehicles below us it was fun i wished David was with me... come to think of it i wish he was with me all the time then i wouldn't have to worry about him ending up like Justin... n e who yeh went home and came to find out Ate honey is talking shyte about Tunisia and Kaija and there lil fight on friday saying that she saw it all and bragging about her being tunisias friend and telling me i dont knoe shyte about what happened n e who yeh WTF first of all wen sumthing happens and you weren't there what the fuck gives you the right to spread shyte about it and tell people who were there that they dont knoe what the fuck went on when you weren't even there n e who i hate those kinds of people who want to talk shyte about sumthin they dunno about... ermz lets see went to bed and then i sang at church the next morning... alterboy is rilly kute... heh n e who yeh went home after that and talked to david and becky on the phone... i miss David ... n e who yeh now im contemplating whether to sneak into his room tonight and sleep with him for a while or jus stay on the phone wid him .... n e who thats all fer now ...

Major plans tomorrow:
Practice with the choral
Optomitrist Appointment
Hang with my gf (Becky)
Sneak bf (David) out of his house

....Key To My Heart?.....

David: eHh? Another tete a tete in the hallway?
Meh: head on head is wat your calling it now...
David: no no let me rephrase that. ¤kiss¤
Meh:langue sur la langue...

Sing Meh A Song

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