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...Angels Fall...Souls Rise...Only To Become Fallen Angels Again...

...Only To Become Fallen Angels Again...

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17 December
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¤The Basics¤

Identifies As: Gay, Bisexual, Straight, Queer, Questioning

Ethnicity: Asian/Pacific Islander, Latina/Latino, Mixed/Multi

Body type: Average

Height: 5'6 (1.68 m)

Weight: 155lbs (70 kg)

Physical Description...
hmmm i like to wear black... my eyes= Bright Blue , Dark Turqoise , or Piercing Black... Skin= smooth brown caramel like with scars here and there ... Hair= shaved or spiked jus depends... colour = shades of blue or red but most of the time is black...

Outness: To some people

Smokes: No

¤Ignore the polite opening I give you to recognize your mistake.
¤Force me to be blunt, then become petulant over your perceived persecution.
¤Fail to understand why I'm upset over an insult, even though you've explained that it wasn't your intention to be insulting.
¤Do something I tell you not to, then get upset with me when it turns out to be a bad idea.
¤Screw something up and then righteously declare that it's my responsibility to fix it.
¤Don't pay attention, then complain to me about how you don't know what's going on.
¤Tell me again how you don't understand, after I've explained for the third time.
¤Vehemently defend your right to be a complete moron.
¤Tell me why the rules don't have to apply to you.
¤Ask me unprecedentedly stupid questions.
¤Don't think before you speak.


Favorite Movie:
Burnt Money,Resident Evil,Gothika ... morbid stuff/romantic

Favorite Music:
Industrial,Euro,Techno,Rock,Morbid stuff, and everything except country and ignorant/arrogant shyte

Music I Don't Like:
Ignorant and arrogant shyte/country/repetitive anoyyances

Favorite Book:
Anarchist Cookbook

Favorite Vacation Spot:
Somewhere near my love....

Favorite Food:
Obsession with Jelly Ball, Starbucks,and Sushi

¤The Rest¤

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Job: Student at SHS

Education: Some high school

Pets: Bird, Other

HIV Status: Negative

Drinking: Yes

Piercings: Set off metal detectors

Tattoos: Maybe one