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hey hey...been a while since i've written i knoe its jus cuz i've been a bit busy... lets start on wat happened saturday

saturday//**// well um yeh met up with brett at the mall and charmaine was there but she had to do christmas shopping before she could go upstairs with me to meet brett well brett was a lil upset but the night still went on... its ok though i saw Ronstopable ( thank god not all rons are the same hahaha) we played DDR and talked a bit dwayne was there and so was marrissa and a new DDR crew was being made called team ecstasy theres me ron tj lisa dwayne and sum other people rilly nice crew and pretty soon we'll have nice routines n by the time nekokon comes back we'll be able to beat other teams who chellenge us... me n ron shared a drink and camped out beside the ddr machine ( i knoe very private eh? lol too bad we're just platonic at this moment) then outa no where antoine comes up to me and hes like ERIC! lol he scared the fuck out of me n e who yeh he followed me around a bit and wen i went to hang with brett for a while he gave out his mating call scream ( gaHHHH!!! in a high pitched voice) and was like OMG eric who is that... i was like its brett why? .... and he was like HES SEXAY... to tell you the truth brett isn't sexy lol well in my eyes he isn't... hes too much of a pretty boi and besides n e one who can talk a hole thru your head is bound to be an annoyance in one point of the relationship n e who yeh... antoine gawked over him and i played ddr with ron and team ecstasy and then i saw my ex damien he looked kinda kute today rita came by fer a lil to see missy and gave me some psilocybin( woooo it was for free too ) pwahahaha n e ways lol yeh i left a lil while to visit Teddie then went back upstairs and called charmaine and she wasn't at the mall n e more so i gave brett her # then called honey to pick me up i had to get home at 10:30 to check in wid mom we dropped brett off at walmart cuz we couldn't find a place for him to stay and wal mart was all he could think of then later on that nyte i snuk out and i went over justins house i had to sneak into the back window cuz his mom was home... i had sum shrooms with him we talked a lot about all the shyte thats been going on like how hes back in SECEP again for throwing another chair at the teacher getting caught stealing shyte... hes so bad and he makes me worry a lot heh i bet i get more worried for him then he wen he gets wen i get caught doing sumthing bad .... like i told how i skipped fourth block to hang with heather david and jenn and he was like man dude dont do that your gunna get in trouble and i wont see you again and im like lol well you get into trouble and i still see you he retorted well still dun get into trouble it pisses me off... lol i was like wat the fuck are you gunna do about it... i think the shrooms were getting to our heads at the point cuz he grabbed my neck and pushed me down on his bed and he was sitting on me with his hand still at my neck i looked up at the cieling and the small amount of shrooms made the light in his room seem so vibrant and the light was replaced with his face over mine ... heh i remember saying sumthing and then i was like looks like your a baddass i pushed him off me and he layed on the bed i was now on top of him hand on neck and all ( i knoe rilly flirty but man i posted this fer a reason it reminded me of shyte ) and i looked into his eyes " you dont look so badass n e more".... we laughed and he was like damn you still remember that nyte too... nuthing else rilly happened after that but i did fall asleep at by him and his sister came in the room and woke me up and told me to hurry up and leave ... i left without saying a werd to justin heh i feel bad but oh well... n e who yeh i went home and slept for like 2 hours...

Sunday//**// Church singing... nothing much happened... luke wasn't there but lumin jo was an alterserver lol she looks so innocent lol n e who yeh....

Monday//**// lol today wow erms well i spent today with david i took his hat and he took my shirt >.<... we cuddled... he bit me a few times...alex was yelling fruit across the room and wen i looked up he smiled lol god damn hes such a fucking dork... n e who yeh we went down the chorus hallway...he pushed me onto a locker and took off mi jacket... and bit my neck and jus before the 10 min bell rang i pushed him through the doors and stuck a pencil between them so they wouldn't lock us outside in the cold...i took off his hat and brushed his hair with my hand and he pushed me against the wall and we took off each others shirts heh very typical...we had black beaters on jus like Julio... i felt warm even tho it was like so fucking cold outside heh making out with david at skewl .... very interesting... heh too bad it ended early ... i pushed him off and combed my hand thru his hair again and told him we gotta do this later...i picked up his hat and shirt and ran off to class.. hes so delicate he looked like he was gunna cry...n e who yeh by the end of the day i found him in the commons with my shirt on and he was wearing mine >.<

....Key To My Heart?.....

Sing Meh A Song

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