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Its my Birthday...No one cares...nor do I...

Held Davids hands tight as to not hurt n e one... today i was devoid of all feelings wen i talked to other people and i felt a lot of hatred towards those who were in my way and if i didn't hold onto the lil piece of humanity i had left in me if i didn't hold on to it i was surely going to beat the shyte out of so many people...So many people expect me to be so nice that they could get away with shyte like insult me while my back is turned... and not have to worry about me fighting back... but god knows i can only take so fucking much before i had enuff... those who were intent on bringing me down by fucking with me got wat they deserved and yes i got hurt in the process my right knuckles are broken but god it was well worth it and the pain well... i did deserved it...

Later on today...It rained water dropped from the sky...as well as from my eyes...i wanted to be alone i wanted to feel hollow like watever happens today will never matter and i knoe it wont... yeh... very pessimistic on my birthday... thats pretty bad... this was the point of my day where i was starting to regret how i ignored people how i beat the shit out of the fucker who was mocking me how i left his body mangled on the floor with a bloody face i regret telling ron to fuck off when he was trying to cheer me up but most of all is i felt regret for crying on the one day i was supposed to be happy... i cried and david held me... and i cried...

....Key To My Heart?.....

Tomorrow will be better...I promise... -David-

Sing Meh A Song

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