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Merry Xmas ^_^

Hey guys ;) Peabodys wuz fun last nyte and umz yeh lol blake neto is a kutey but ron is better =P ... gave anothony and his girls a lap dance and i stripped for crytal pwahhaaha umz Ward was there he was lewking rill hot and sum other guys were there as well the got a few number from guys... too bad i dont get with people from clubs heh ... that chick brenda made me jealous >.< grrr lol naw j/k i love brenda umz yeh peabodys is pretty much all i did yesterday other then buy x men 2 dvd and the rca lyra mp3 player and another cell phone and a few memory sticks for my mp3 player and cam and sum white zinfandel to drink today n e who yeh... i rilly wanna wish you all a merry christmas... !!!!!!!

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